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Create successful games focusing on what you do best. Skip cloud & backend setup or maintenance. We do it for you.


Ready to use Unity® SDK

We know how popular Unity® is among developers. We bring the most complete SDK to help you build better games.


Use a complete feature suite

Our secure engagement & design solutions are easy to integrate into your favorite development engines.


Make turn-based games, and more

Easily match users in ‘Player vs Player’ games with the turn-based module. We’ve got many more modules ready to use.


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Unleash your creativity

Unleash your creativity

Gamedonia lets your team focus on creating fun games and breeze through server maintenance and infrastructure.

ready for success

Be ready for success

Our Backend covers you whether you have a small or a colossal user base. Gamedonia instantly scales while you grow your business.

engaging games

Launch your game faster

Using Gamedonia removes the hassle of developing your backend allowing you to create engaging games smoothly and at a faster pace, our SDK integration saves you time.

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“In a few hours, with Gamedonia’s tools and their personalized technical support, the development of the Cross-Platform PvP module and the players persistence data management was possible.”

Christian Gascons

Frozen Shard

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Fair and scalable pay-as-you-grow pricing.

All features included from the beginning with no limits. FREE when your games are under 1.000 MAUs.

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“We have realized that developers must help developers to achieve the best quality in games”.

David Xicota


“We believe in partnership, not clients, walking by your side through all the process to achieve your goals”.

Diana Avila

Marketing Manager

“We want to offer the best User Experience and give to the games a chance to succeed”.

Alberto Xaubet


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