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Albert and David founded Gamedonia in 2012 in Barcelona. We made a powerful backend platform to help game developers build everything they want.

With a background in IT Architecture, we know having complex online services that scale is hard. It was when mobile took off, that our passion for games thrust us to bring every developer a plug-and-play solution to make mobile games the easiest way possible. We want to help everyone –regardless of the technology of choice– to make their creations come to life.

Our goal, to put into the player’s hands the products they’re demanding. Fun mobile games, socially integrated and cross-platform, that respond to what players want.



bring developers backend tech to make games

Gamedonia is driven to help every studio create successful games by sharing the experience gathered for +10 years in the industry.

The development process has stretched, sidestepping part of the actual design of fun in favor of technical requirements. We saw developers lacking the time and resources to adapt their technology to the fast paced demands of players, tipping the scales in favor of big studios with multidisciplinary teams.

Here at Gamedonia, we decided it should be easy for creative teams to get access to complex technology without having specialized roles inside the studio.

backend management

what we live by

By developers to developers

We’re developers that want to help other developers. We understand what it means to create games and the difficulties it involves. It’s our goal to clear the problems before you have them.

Partnerships, not clients

We want to help you as an equal not as the big brother. We’re by your side for the whole process, offering continuous support so you’ll be able to carry on with the game.

Giving games chances to succeed

Our love for games makes us strive to get you the best tools to deliver a great product. It might also be that we want to get our hands on as many awesome games as possible.

The best user experience

Only when you’re happy, it’s that we know we’ve made a good job. Because we’ve got great expectations for the company, we demand ourselves full dedication to offer a top service.


“Business, design, and code mastery bound together by a common denominator:

we love video games!

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