Fair and Scalable pricing. Unlimited bandwidth and API requests.

Gamedonia sets no technical restrictions on the number of requests and bandwidth your players use. Thousands of requests per day? No problem!


Our pricing is based on Monthly Active Users (MAU). We count as active users all players who enter a game during any given month. The first 10.000 MAU are free on every plan.


The time you spend building in Gamedonia is free from charge. Adjust, set the basis for monetization and grow your game from there. The Studio and Enterprise plans expand the features of the Basic plan and gets you our personalized support.

Choose your plan

free 10.000 MAU/mo

+ 13€ per 1k extra MAU*

  • All solutions included
  • 1 Scheduled Job 10€ per 1 extra Job
free 10.000 MAU/mo

+ 12€ per 1k extra MAU*

  • All solutions included
  • 10 Scheduled Job 20€ per 3 extra Job
free 10.000 MAU/mo

+ 10€ per 1k extra MAU*

  • All solutions included
  • Unlimited Scheduled Job
*What counts as a Monthly Active User (MAU)? Players who log in to a Live game, one or multiple times, during any single month.

Pricing plans detail

Basic Studio Enterprise
Cloud data storage No limit No limit No limit
API calls No limit No limit No limit
Push notifications No limit No limit No limit
Server side scripting No limit No limit No limit
Server code N N N
Scheduled jobs One (1) Ten (10) No limit
Turn based games N N N
Matchmaking N N N
User login credentials N N N
Content delivery network N N N
Push notifications N N N
Database manager N N N
In-app purchases N N N
Facebook integration N N N
Online distribution N N N
In-game chat N N N
Server code
Custom scripts No limit No limit No limit
Server hooks No limit No limit No limit
Debug plugin N N N
Scheduled jobs Freq: 5min | Exec. time: 10sec Freq: 1min | Exec. time: 60sec Freq: 30sec | Exec. time: 180sec
Support Forum Forum, email Forum, email, Skype, phone
Two development environments N N N
Kick-off session N N
Custom feature development N

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pricing plans 'by account' or 'by game'?

Plans of Gamedonia Backend are by account. We understand that you may want to build backend for several games with your Gamedonia account. This means that the plan you choose will apply to the total of all the MAU your games generate in Gamedonia.

What does my plan include?
You have access to all SDKs, Dashboard options and Solutions when you sign up. Scheduled Jobs’ packages are regulated according to the plan you choose.
Can I use the platform for free?
Yes you can! For as long as your game is in the Development Environment, the service is completely free of charge. Not only that, after deploying your game to the Production Environment the first 10.000 MAUs are free.
How does the MAU based pricing work exactly?
Our Basic plan is based on packages of 1.000 MAUs. The first 10.000 MAUs are free! Following 1.000 MAU packages come at 13€ each. Packages are from (n).001 to (n+1).000 MAUs. Approximately, a single MAU comes at 0,013€.
How are MAUs calculated when I have more than one game?
MAUs from all games in Production Environment of your Gamedonia account add up. Imagine you have two games in Production Environment. “Game 01” has 7.000 MAU and “Game 02” has 22.000 MAU for a given month. They add up to 29.000 MAU. We’ll only charge you 13€ per package of 1.000 MAU. Because the first 10.000 MAU are free, that would add up to 247€ in the Basic plan.
When will I have to provide credit card details?
Gamedonia will only ask for your credit card details when you’re ready to deploy your game into the Production Environment.
When will my credit card be charged?
Nothing will be charged to your credit card until you exceed 10.000 MAUs. When you get to 10.001 or more MAUs, your credit card will be charged monthly in accordance to your MAU volume.
When can I leave the platform?
You can leave the platform or export your data anytime you want or you can use it for testing if you prefer so.

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