Great game design integrates live game operations to be successful

Dead Effect 2 – BadFly Interactive



BadFly Interactive are a small creative studio responsible for the acclaimed FPS ‘Dead Effect’. The studio is made up of developers with years of experience. The whole team has worked in the media and game industry for many years, participating in various AAA titles for the PC, Xbox, Playstation and currently also mobile devices.



BadFly gets to Gamedonia in search for an integral backend service that would be easy to plug into the game developed with Unity. This was of capital importance for Dead Effects 2, because it was already finished, all it lacked at that point were the backend functionalities to become a retail product. The main requirement of DE2 was a flexible platform that was adaptable to the game to give it the power to store user and game data in the cloud and a way to run server code. To top the fundamental needs for the live game, BadFly looked for additional services:

  • Push notifications: both programmed and on the fly.
  • Communication with the API: scalable and secure.
  • A reliable communication protocol.
  • User login credentials: silent, Facebook, Google+, Game center.
  • Avoiding the creation of fake accounts.



Having finished client development for Dead Effect 2 and the deadline for the release fast approaching, BadFly needed a partner that could adapt and find solutions to their specific needs. Gamedonia offered backup for the large anticipated quantities of users playing the game and the reliability to store heavy loads of data. Because DE2 can only be played when users are connected to the internet, saving game sessions in the server was a crucial safe-net when users lose connection, to allow them to progress in the game when connection is reestablished.

Last but not least, in-app purchases play an important role in the monetization and the balance of the game, thus getting protection against cheats and false purchases was a must.



Being built with security and to be flexible, Gamedonia was a good fit for BadFly from the start. The suitability of our scalable database solution was quickly confirmed, allowing the developers to host and manipulate game information reliably.

Gamedonia secure protocols of communications and store receipt verification proved satisfactory to avoid hacks on purchases. Although, some security reinforcements were applied to BadFly’s request on the user credential access avoiding account duplication for user over-validation.
Due to DE2 being an always online game, verification of the users connection status was mandatory. The design of Gamedonia’s call Gamedonia.isInternetConnectionAvailable verifies whether the user is connected to the game checking for activity between the client and the backend.

Gamedonia emphasizes security with 3 different protocols of data protection and validating all purchases data against the corresponding app stores. The HTTP protocol is known for its bi-directional encrypted communications. Gamedonia adds to that security implementing extra measures to further protect communications.


“One of the more highly-anticipated titles of this year”

Jared Nelson, Touch Arcade



Upon the release of the game, it quickly climbed up the charts of the App Store and Google Play becoming an instant favorite for most of the users. The campaigns run by BadFly Interactive quickly showed results with big bursts of new users which were handled effectively by Gamedonia scalable and reliable architecture.

Gamedonia was able to identify and avoid all the different types of IAP and hacks for Dead Effect 2. The most notable fraudulent actions controlled were: spoofing of product id and proxy validation server.

User reviews increase steadily and many portals and game press have been reviewing the game, currently boasting a rating of 4.2 in Google Play and 5.0 in the App Store.

Dead Effect 2 was featured in iOS on 12 placements in United States on Nov 01, 2015.



BadFly Interactive was able to integrate Gamedonia’s reliable backend into Dead Effect 2 in a record time. Adding backend features to a game that play-wise was completely developed, allowed the game to become a finished product ready to launch into the market.

Users Management, credentials, login
Data Persistent data management, data sync
IAPs Anti-fraud protection, bidirectional communications

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