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World War II:TCG – Frozen Shard

backend management


Frozen Shard is an independent studio based in Barcelona. Their goal is to create competitive free-to-play mid-core games that can be played regardless of the platform.



With World War II:TCG, the team wanted to create a turn based strategic trading card game that could be played from any mobile device or web browser. Frozen Shard mixed two different play modes, to cater to a diverse player base. They offer a single-player story driven mode that players use to get a basic collection of cards that will allow you to improve your deck of cards over time. And a competitive player vs player mode, where you match up against opponents of similar strength.

backend management


Frozen Shard presumed WWII:TCG would have a high data storage requirement due to the social multiplayer nature of the game. A game that had to manage users, card collections, game sessions, graphics storage, and many more, needed a solution for the data storage. They sought for a way to avoid having to build their own database structure and creating the software for it. In addition to that, they wanted a way to ensure a fair matchmaking system to foster a competitive environment that players could enjoy.



Upon a quick inspection of Gamedonia platform, they found that the matchmaking solution we offer adjusted to their need of solving the player vs player development. What came as a surprise though, was the built-in Elo ranking that guarantees same skill matches to be played.

For all the storage required, Christian thought it was best to manage all the information inside Gamedonia collections, because this way they could modify and manipulate data in a flexible way without affecting the live game.

The indie studio quickly found out that the game state manager allowed them to store all the game information they needed, such as the match state, which they added in just two days. As Christian pointed out:

“In few hours, with Gamedonia’s tools and their technical support, the development of the cross-platform PvP module and the players persistence data management was possible.”

Christian Gascons, Frozen Shard



Because the game revenue comes from IAP exclusively, Frozen Shard was delighted to know about the extra layer of security we place to avoid fake purchases, which reduced them more than 80%. It also didn’t hurt that integrating purchases for both Google Play and the App Store can be done with a single line of code in Gamedonia.

Frozen Shard was compelled to release WWII:TCG across multiple platforms by the fact that they could easily manage users and all game information with Gamedonia, regardless of platform. Initial plans were to release on iOS and Android, but they soon decided to make a web browser version for Facebook and Kongregate.

It was a plus for the multiplayer play mode, because the game could count on a larger player base that improved the PvP environment.

The multi-player mode is a cross-platform online experience and Gamedonia allows persistent data management and communication with the devices, the users, the servers and the platform.



Trusting the game backend to Gamedonia, allowed Frozen Shard to launch on major publishing platforms, reaching a wider mid-core player base, and cement their revenue stream with secure in-app purchases that are integral to a balanced competition system.

Users Management, credentials, login
Data Persistent data management, data sync
PvP Elo matchmaking, push notifications, competition system
IAPs Anti-fraud protection, bidirectional communications
Distribution Browser: Facebook, Kongregate | Mobile: iOS, Android

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