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Hunty Hunter – Divertap

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Divertap is a game development company that creates casual mobile games. They have specialised in multiplayer games which are released for Android and iOS devices.



Hunty Hunter is a 2D infinite runner built with Cocos2d-x targeted to casual players. Because the studio develops games in short bursts of time with full dedication, Divertap needed to find a backend solution that could tie all their games together.

They wanted to avoid building backend for every game individually, and to be able to focus on iterating versions faster and, at the same time maintain performance. The developers believe focusing resources on the client side is the best business decision.

backend management


Budget always carries a lot of weight, more so if you’re running a studio as an independent. Implementing database system, setting up own servers, and keeping all software up-to-date to support peaks of thousands of players would mean a lot of time consumption.

And money. All these requirements would’ve steered Divertap from their business vision and delayed the development of features for the games. Before meeting with Gamedonia technical team, the CEO Fernando, worried about scalability and server to client communications.

hunty hunter


The first feature that gave the team a break is that Gamedonia platform is built on AWS servers, with an integrated software that guarantees automatic scalability. Being able to integrate social networks to log in users easily in the games, share scores, and more, was an additional upside.

Besides ads, revenue income for Divertap comes from IAPs, making security and workload optimisation of the app stores transactions a top priority. With Gamedonia extra layer of security, fake purchases are reduced to almost zero.

As Fernando pointed out:

“We didn’t have to worry about building backend and managing it because Gamedonia had already done it for us. As a plus, we could use essential services and implement them with a simple SDK. We just focused on coding the games.”

Fernando Vaquero, Divertap

hunty hunter


Divertap released 4 games made with Cocos2d-x the past 12 months. The flexibility of Gamedonia backend gave the studio freedom to develop both single player, turn-based and DLC episodic games. As a small team, not having to worry about setup and handling of the backend let them explore and develop different mechanics for each game.

The financial results are development costs savings over 40%, and an IAP fraud reduction of 80% thanks to Gamedonia secured purchases integration, which gave them the opportunity to generate more revenue while staying true to their production schedule.

hunty hunterhunty hunter


Relying on Gamedonia platform, Divertap cut on development expenses and made their communications with the app stores super secure. Reaching players across social networks, added challenges and score leaderboards.

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Data Persistent data management, data sync, secure communications
PvP Elo matchmaking, push notifications, competition system
IAPs Anti-fraud protection, bidirectional communications, fake purchase control, purchase status
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