Powerful modules, integrated with your favorite engines.

Make the user profile pop up regardless of the login credentials she used or the device where he is playing the game.

Store, retrieve and modify in-game data safely with a flexible database structure that allows great client-server architecture.

Run logic from the server side with scheduled jobs and hooks that fit what players like about your game.

Power user engagement with multiplayer games in a fair and fun game environment.

Preview custom push notifications before sending them from the composer or do it from the server side.

Monetize your game with in-app content that is safe for your business and fair for the players. Natively integrated with both app stores.

Integrate all of Facebook’s potential into your games and improve engagement to the convenience of your players.

Expand game content when you want, or offer content on demand, all safely distributed.

Reach audience across multiple platforms. Build the game once and distribute it to be played on mobile, PC, or web browser platforms.

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