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Get a social player community.

Chat communication inside the game is great to improve the engagement of players and to build a thriving community that lasts. Easy to build, with a high reward potential.

Build your game community around the in-game chat you want.

What are the benefits?

Tight knit community

The chat is awesome at getting players together and holding a long lasting relationship with the players.

Longer game sessions

Get players to stick for extended play sessions while they wait for their turn, or discuss strategy.

Keep the flow alive

Easy to shape to your needs and lets users get back into the loop of the game.

solution features

Global and private chat room

Coding chat rooms of any size done quickly by simply adjusting the parameters in the defined collection model.

Get notified when out

Were users to leave the game, they still may opt-in to receive chat messages notifications if other players write.

Timestamp check

A persistent message delivery checks out every message so they’re delivered in the right order to all players.

“It was important for us to have an in-game chat, plus allowing our users to be able to share scores and achievements in Game Center using their Facebook user login.”

Fernando Vaquero, Divertap

in-game chat, plus…

Preview custom push notifications before sending them from he composer or do it from the server side.

Integrate all of Facebook’s potential into your games and improve engagement to the convenience of your players.

Store, retrieve and modify all in-game data safely and keep players up-to-date of the latest game state.

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