Downloadable content

Expand game content on demand, safely distributed
or provide lighter game client easier to download.


Reduce your game size

Deliver a small .ipa that’s convenient for the players to download, even using their mobile data plan.

Offer content on-the-go

Let players start with bare bones features and keep adding content as they progress in the game.

Extend your game

Players tend to finish games quicker than expected, DLC offers the opportunity to expand on demand.

downloadable content features

Download manager

GamedoniaFiles API lets you download files for your game and pause ongoing downloads. If the app is in the background with a paused download, the manager automatically resumes that file download when the app comes back to the foreground.

Safely distributed

Keep access to your content private and allow downloads only to users with your authorization. When the content is requested by an eligible user we’ll enable an auto expiring URL for 30 minutes that will be used by the user to download the content.

Heavy file transfer

Upload and download large files with ease. All files are stored in our database under a unique identifier that doesn’t allow any direct access from the client side unless you give the user download permission on purpose through the API.

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Start with Gamedonia

Gamedonia Setup

Create Account

Sign up for free. One account to manage the backend for all your games.

Download SDK

Integrate games with our backend. Just add the API key and secret.

Authenticate User

Connect players with our backend. Use a log in credential to track users.