Facebook integration

Grow your game with the social integrations that give you
the potential to go viral with the sharing power of Facebook.


Perform any social operation

Make your game more social using the possibilities Facebook brings to engage your players.

Expand your game’s reach

Sharing your game with friends in the most popular social network has never been easier.

Login players with Facebook

Remove the hurdles to login into your game with this seamless user authentication integration.

Facebook integration features

Operate Facebook Open Graph

Gamedonia has a plugin interface that allows to get data in and out of Facebook’s social graph that you can use to query data, post new stories, upload photos and a variety of other tasks that your game might need to do.

Get Facebook Friends

Knowing which friends are currently logged in is very easy. Just a couple of lines of code will let you retrieve the player’s friend list.

Frictionless requests

Frictionless requests allow players to send requests to specific friends from the app without having to click a pop-up confirmation every time.

Share the game

Give players a mechanism for inviting friends to play a game. This can be used to invite, turn-based notifications, gifting, asking to co-op, or for match-making.

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Authenticate User

Connect players with our backend. Use a log in credential to track users.