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Built for multiplayer games.

Gamedonia system matches the players in PvP games according to their level of experience. Playing similar opponents can increase the competition and the engagement.


Create a competitive and fun environment for every kind of player.

What are the benefits?

Use simple coding you already know

Just a few variables are all you need to set up the matchmaking for your game.

Make asynchronous multiplayer games

With Gamedonia, you can offer players matches regardless of they being online or not.

Fair matches mean happy players

The exclusive Gamedonia Elo ranking provides enjoyable matches to players of any level of success.

solution features

Match generation

A new match is created whenever a player with a certain Elo rating can’t be matched in an existing match with a similar Elo rating.

Automatic matching

When all the players’ Elo rating check with one another, you can pair those players in the same match.

Elo calculation

Once the match is over, the Elo ratings of all players are updated and the match is deleted.

“In a few hours, we could develop the cross-platform PvP module and the players persistence data management thanks to Gamedonia’s solutions and their personalized support.”

Christian Gascons, Frozen Shard

Matchmaking, plus…

Power user engagement with multiplayer games in a fair and fun game environment.

Build a game chat you can shape to your needs with simple mechanisms. There’s no need for you to waste time setting up a database.

Store, retrieve and modify in-game data safely with a flexible database structure that allows great client-server architecture.

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