Web hosting

Create mini sites or host your flash games in easy
to set up subdomains where content is publicly available.


Create mini sites

You’re just a few clicks away of creating a subdomain in Gamedonia you can call your own.

Host flash games

Easy and fast way to host your Flash file for web browser games or Facebook web app.

Public access files

Save any kind of static content in your site where it’s accessible through a public URL.

web hosting features

Turnkey hosting

We provide a hosting service you can set up very fast. Simply choose a name for your subdomain and it will be ready to go, so you don’t have to worry about getting SSL certificates nor domains. Plus, our servers provide high availability and scalability.

Store static content

Upload and download static content, such as .swf, .tpl, .css, .html, .js and file images via an FTP client. Manage your own site and files to create new content that’s readily available through a public URL.

Host flash games

The possibility to upload static content such as .swf gives you the ability to host the executable file you need to run Adobe Flash games in many web-browser game portals. This also works for Facebook web apps, which require you host the game file outside their domain.

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Start with Gamedonia

Gamedonia Setup

Create Account

Sign up for free. One account to manage the backend for all your games.

Download SDK

Integrate games with our backend. Just add the API key and secret.

Authenticate User

Connect players with our backend. Use a log in credential to track users.