In-app purchases

Integrate your in-game store with Google Play and the App Store
with secure purchases that help you monetize your game.


iTunes and Google Play

Gamedonia SDK has native integration with both iOS and Android app stores.

Avoid fake purchases

Identify in real-time whether a user is trying to cheat and get something for free.

Track every transaction

All transactions are registered so you can have a global overview of all purchases.

in-app purchases features

A single call for all stores

Gamedonia SDK has native integration with both stores. Stop learning new API, new languages and new processes. A simple call from your game to make the purchase.

Fraud protection mechanism

Validate every single transaction against the corresponding store using Gamedonia secure communication protocols. Identify in real-time who wants to steal store content so you can decide the best line of action from there.

Consumable and non-consumable

Consumable products are the default in-app purchase type our API deals with. Setting non-consumable products can be done with a single line of code.

Retrieve detailed purchase info

Have easy access to retrieve detailed information about any purchased item. Info will be returned for each key value pairs you set up when creating the product in the app store.

Kongregate purchases

Our purchases API is integrated with the popular flash games Kongregate game portal. You can purchase items directly from the Kongregate item shop using Gamedonia. This integration is only available for the ActionScript web SDK.

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