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Create multiplayer asynchronous matches.

Gamedonia offers all you need to make turn based games that are engaging and fun. Auto-match players without the need to have everybody simultaneously connected to advance in the game.

Build any turn based game solution you can imagine with this module.

What are the benefits?

Matches take place asynchronously

No need to have players be simultaneously connected to play in multiplayer matches.

Code with what you
already know

Create at your leisure combining push notifications, data collections and a pulling system.

Avoid cheating in
competitive games

Every move in the game is verified, whether it is a player’s turn or whether a movement is correct.

solution features

Automatic player matching

When slots are still available, the auto-match accepts players accordingly and blocks joined players from taking turns.

Manage game information

Store player and game state information in Gamedonia’s servers and share it asynchronously with all players as turns are taken.

Keep players posted about events

Whenever the game starts, or an in-game event occurs, send notifications to all player logged in devices (unless disabled).





Turn based games, plus…

Just a few variables are all you need to set up the matchmaking for your game.

Store, retrieve and modify in-game data safely with a flexible database structure that allows great client-server architecture.

Make the user profile pop up regardless of the login credentials she used or the device where he is playing the game.

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