User manager

Manage profile information, ready to be used and safely stored.
Ask for login once and let players enjoy games when they want.


Cross platform play

Let players start a game in their mobile phone, to continue with it on their desktop computer or tablet.

Customized user profiles

Store any kind of information you need to personalize the look and feel of the player info.

Track user behavior

Monitor player behavior and progress inside the game customizing profile attributes you can send to analyze.

User manager features

Users API

Users are a special entity type which have some parts of its structure fixed. Manage players with the User API which allows for common user operations such as: Create user, Login user, Logout user, Get me, Get user, Update user, Change password, Restore password.

Available login credentials

To be able to track player actions in the game, the user must have an active session with Gamedonia. We support seven credential types: UDID, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Game Center, Google, and Kongregate.

Credentials linkage

You will be able to link different types of credentials to the same Gamedonia User. This way, a player can use any provided credentials stored in the profile to login into games.

Ask for login once

Session tokens have a time to live of two weeks, plus, they are stored and encrypted in the user’s Keychain allowing you to auto login in the application if needed. For example, if the game is reinstalled, the stored session will be reused to avoid your app asking again for the user’s credentials.

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Authenticate User

Connect players with our backend. Use a log in credential to track users.