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Get started, it’s easy, fast, and in one place. We’ve been reducing the time to release games, this way you can focus on bringing games to life while we cover your backend.

  • Handle player needs, monetize safely, engage users, less coding, fewer costs, skip backend management – the industry is changing and you need to be ready for online gaming.
  • Game developers in studios of all sizes have boosted their position in the market by equipping the teams with tools to build modern games supported by a robust backend technology.
  • If you’re creating original, corporate, or serious games, join the community of more than +1.211 developers in Gamedonia who are already building.

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backend management


uses_backend_management BACKEND MANAGEMENT

Need a backend management because you don’t have the time, the resources, or the experience to build one yourself.

  • Forget about server setup and maintenance
  • Run your games across the globe
  • Scale automatically when required
  • High availability and reliability
  • Support huge peaks of players at all times

It doesn’t matter how much prior experience your team has, backend is hard. We’ve dedicated specialists that work exclusively to bring you the rock solid infrastructure you deserve.

See how Divertap delegated all backend management to Gamedonia and was able to push through a stream of releases in a short period of time.

optimize costs



Seek to optimize overhead costs to focus your efforts in more profitable areas of development.

  • No need to have a specialized team
  • Less coding needed, slash development time
  • You can launch more games per year

Because competition is fierce, emphasize the aspects that can set your games apart. You won’t have to develop complicated backend technology and slow your pace, it’s all been taken care of.

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pvp games



Have to deliver reliable PvP gameplay and need a tried and true solution you can rely on.

  • Easy to set up and work in minutes
  • Fully supported and documented
  • Develop what you need, how you want

When you’re trying to make your first game, the main goal is to finish and release the game. Our PvP solution won’t block your team from getting the result you want, because it’s easy to pick up. And if you’re a seasoned developer, you’ll love this PvP too, giving you all the power to build all the complex interactions you need.

Learn how the studio Frozen Shard picked up the PvP module to release the ‘Monster Battles’ and ‘World War II’ card battlers.




Depend on push messaging to sustain the engagement with users and notify them of in-game events of their interest. Or even send them on-the-go push about real life stuff.

  • Compose notifications in real time to send right away
  • See how your push will look across devices
  • Send messages from the server side
  • Directly address segments of users you choose

We know Users are the cornerstone of games and we know how important it is to cater to them. Either you want to encourage more play sessions, be serviceable, or recommend new content, push notifications are the perfect way to bond with players.

Maybe you’ve a special promo for China players, or Germany just won the World Cup? Send a quick push from the composer just to whom it concerns.




Must guarantee the two-way safety or your in-app purchases because your game economy depends on them.

  • Avoid any fake purchases
  • Every transaction is validated against the corresponding store
  • Identify in real-time who is trying to cheat you
  • A single call purchases either from the App Store or Google Play

Gamedonia adds an extra layer of encryption to POST and GET requests, so bi-directional communications are safe.

Find out how the in-app purchases in Dead Effect 2 got implemented, securing the revenue stream of the game.




Need a download manager that lets you see the real status of any DLC distributed through our CDN.

  • Provide light .ipa and .apk files that are easy to download
  • Update without having to upload to stores
  • Distribute new content on-the-go
  • Carry content regardless of location
  • Extend the game as players progress
  • Release games that require less device storage

The advantages of DLC don’t stop there, have you ever dealt with APK expansion files? We know it’s a pain, so we bring you DLC, the great alternative to avoid them.

safe monetization



Rush to deliver a game for a client or a contest and must implement game features quickly before due date. Following are just a sample of modules you can implement into your games real fast:

  • Matchmaking
  • Turn based
  • In-game chat
  • Facebook integration

Find out about how fast you can set up the PvP module and manage to deliver a polished result.




Want a custom tailored backend infrasctructure that perfectly adjusts to the high-end requirements of your game. In addition, Gamedonia provides you with more value so you can stand out from the competitors:

  • Custom kick-off session
  • Custom product development
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Scheduled server jobs
  • Scheduled notifications

If the needs of your studio are great, so is our dedication. Gamedonia is prepared to cover all your backend needs so you can fulfil your business plan.

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