Do You Know What Makes Great Game Development?

If not, we’re sharing great tips and strategies to get you ahead.

PvP Could Increase Your Game Revenue by 510%

The key to success and drawing revenue for any game is to be fun to play. Shocking huh? I’m sure you had already figured that out on your own. What you might not be entirely aware of is the importance engagement has over game revenue, and a simple way to improve it.

Why BaaS beats DIY for Indie Developers

You are an indie developer ⎯in a small development team⎯ and wonder what are the upsides of using a Backend as a Service when you could do-it-yourself. It’s quite straightforward really. If you choose to use a BaaS you’ll end up producing a better product which people will enjoy more.

Free to play and its Key Performance Indicators

When I ask other indie game developers what plans they have to make their games financially viable… I can’t tell you how many puzzled faces I get. It isn’t their fault, really. We’re in the video game industry because we love making games, not for the intricate art of actually selling games. Or, are we not?

How to Quickly React to User Behaviour

Picture this. After you’ve hardly fought to release your game and you’re lucky enough to get a pretty decent number of users downloading your game, they get tangled up in Level #8 and can’t  manage to get past it. According to your analytics they seemed to be enjoying...

What Does DLC Mean for Your Games

Today I’m going to share with you why downloadable content – DLC from now on – will make your game more successful in the long run. I’ll reveal a study that backs DLC as an effective player retention tool and lay out how games have used DLC to their advantage.

Is Your Cloud Platform Helping You Plan Your Business?

Game developers are increasing the use of cloud platforms to develop their games, be it to simply control the game analytics or to fully manage their backend. Assessing the suitability of every solution for your project is complicated, it depends on what you want it for or why you need it and what you expect from it.

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