AR-K – game release


AR-K is the point and click adventure by Gato Salvaje Studio.

The game became a reality tanks to two who successfully run campaigns. One in Kickstarter to get funding, and one in Steam Greenlight to publish the game for computers.

AR-K Adventure Game

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What is that Sphere?

Help Alicia and discover the mystery through AR-K’s universe, in a story with amazing plot twists!

Alicia Van Volish is a former cop which is trying to be a journalist. She has a terrible hangover… what happened last night? And the most important question… What is that sphere?

Help Alicia and enjoy the 4 episodes of this classic point and click adventure. You will love it. Discover the world of AR-K and their charismatic characters!




What they are saying about the game

“A point-and-click adventure with a fantastic story, spectacular voice acting, and challenging puzzles”Chalgyr’s Game Room


“Easily one of the best staples for the rogue-like genre, this game encompasses everything that makes up a masochist’s wet dream. You will die. A lot.” –  Not The Robots


“If you are a fan of the Monkey Island Series, you might want to give AR-K a try! It’s a hilarious Point and Click Adventure game set in the future!”Running With Scissors