Heroes Empire – game release


When something works, you repeat. Right? At least this is what Frozen Shard thought when they decided to launch their third game in a row using Gamedonia platform. Though, that shouldn’t come as a surprise, because with Gamedonia publishing games across platforms and shops is easier to justify from a business standpoint.

Besides the usual IAP integration with the App Store and Google Play mobile platforms, we make publishing for web browser platforms worth the developers time.

Why? Our hosting feature lifts off the burden of setting up and maintaining web domains to host Facebook and Kongregate games. Developers can host games in Gamedonia very easily. Just choose a name for your subdomain in Gamedonia where you’ll be able to upload and download files by FTP. Learn more about this feature.


Heroes Empire published cross-platform

Making your game widely available is a win-win situation, because

  1. it’s convenient for the players because they can play on the gaming platform they prefer, and
  2. it’s an effective way to widen your potential audience and get a bigger player base that help drive through the revenue you expect from your game.


Screenshot of gameplay of Heroes Empire: TCG

About Heroes Empire: TCG

Heroes Empire: TCG is a free-to-play collectible card game. Forge your own empire with the help of the greatest historical and mythological heroes!

  • Recruit Mythological & Historical Heroes to lead your army: King Arthur, Alexander the Great, Spartacus, Leonidas, Hercules, Achilles and many more!
  • Claim your own Castle, gather resources and unlock unique rewards!
  • Build your army with famous historical units from multiple civilizations: Greek, Romans, Aztecs, Vikings, Ancient Japan & China and more!
  • Join other players in powerful Alliances and battle each other to claim the top of the ranks!
  • Fight through a never ending campaign, constantly updated and with awesome rewards!
  • Take part in famous themed Adventures, battle in the glorious Roman Colosseum or visit the mysterious island of Avalon.

Download Heroes Empire

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