How to get your game featured in the App Store


Apple recently launched a new Twitter account that’s completely dedicated to games! Yay! This is great for gamers, but, what about game developers? Well, one of the first things @AppStoreGames did was to shed some light on how you could have games featured in the App Store.

They shared five areas where your game could stand out to get the attention of the Apple curation crew. These aren’t ground breaking, but they give you a better idea what their thought process is when they feature games in the App Store. These are 5 things that impact your chances at ‘featureship’.

Why are games featured in the App Store


Because only a few games get featured, it’s really ahrd to hit the jackpot in the App Store. That’s why most developers rely on app store optimization (ASO) as a viable alternative to getting their games noticed by the audience.

It’s good that you don’t need a massive team dedicated to ASO to improve your game ranking. Divertap, a two-man studio, show how they ranked higher in the App Store for certain searches.


@AppStoreGames weekly schedule

Plus, @AppStoreGames announced how they’re going to run their Twitter account and the weekly schedule you should expect.


This is a really nice initiative by Apple that many of you were anticipating. Let’s see how it develops and if it brings more clues so independent developers have better intel on what matters most to the curation team at the App Store.