Indie Marketing 101 – Promote Your Game Scoring Articles in Top-tier Publications

Indie Marketing 101 – Promote Your Game Scoring Articles in Top-tier Publications

Now you have produced the five essential promotion materials it’s time to get in contact with the media and let them spread the word for you.

Let’s move on to stage #2 of the series that shows you how to promote your game on a 0€ budget.


Stage #2 Score Articles in Top-tier Publications

There are five things you should be doing to score articles in the right places to get exposure to the kind of players you want to appeal.


1. Build a Target Publication List

  • Research publications ⎯you want or should be featured in.
  • Record publications ⎯in a spreadsheet list.
  • Categorise publications ⎯into three tiers based on traffic.


2. Find Writers’ Contact Info

  • Visit each publication’s site on your list.
  • Search for writer’s and editor’s contact info ⎯look for an “editorial staff” link in the footer.
  • Record all info on your spreadsheet.

Publication Name Title Email Phone Rating
magazine 01 Mary Ellison editor 555 8899 top (***)
magazine 02 Jay Smith writer 555 4433 med (**)
blog 01 Rick May writer NA low (*)


3. Get In Touch

  • Create an email template ⎯to introduce you and your game.
  • Answer a writer’s most important question ⎯why would my readers give a damn.
  • Customise the template ⎯toward each writer or editor.

Here’s a template you can use for your emails.


4. Thank You!

  • Thank all writers ⎯who reply to your email, republishes a press release, or writes and publishes an article.
  • Email “thank yous” are ok, but handwritten notes go the extra mile ⎯personalised things makes you feel special and are perceived as a sign of attentiveness.

“The best shot at scoring articles in media is to time your request to fill in a gap in their publishing schedule.”


5. Keep in Touch

  • Maintain relationships with media ⎯you never know when you’ll need them again.
  • Check in often ⎯quick hellos via Twitter, Facebook or email.
  • Comment on articles ⎯written by your contacts.

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