Legends of Zura – game release


Every week more games are launched using Gamedonia. Small and big studios are taking advantage of the solutions our backend bring to develop faster, and better, so they can focus on what matters most. This time we’re happy to present you a fantasy collectible card game called Legends of Zura, by the solo developer running Mad Turtle Games.

The card battler is designed as free to play, so you can progress in the game and have fun without spending a dime. Players gain new cards upon the completion of the tutorial, where you’re taught the basics of the mechanics to enjoy the game.

The goal is expanding your collection of cards, which you’ll get from booster packs. Some packs are given away for free, but you can also buy them from the game store. Cracking just a few packs will open your deck building possibilities greatly and you’ll be able to build decks more suited to your style of play.

turn based card game powered by Gamedonia

A screenshot of the battle game play. 


How a solo game developer backend as a service

To manage the collections of cards in Legends of Zura, the developer uses Gamedonia database manager, so when time you log into your account, your colelction is retrieved and showed to you to build new decks. The user authentication is by email, one of the many login credentials we support.

Besides, Mad Turtle implemented in-app purchases thanks to how easy it is with Gamedonia, where with one single line of code manages the safe communication process with Google Play. Push notifications were also added as a means to interact with the players and communicate the new events in the game.


Using a backend service is a great solution for small independent developers. Gamedevs can save the money they’d dedicate to implementing features that are time consuming to develop in-house, and simply use what they need from the solutions offered in Gamedonia.

Plus, developers can regain the focus on what they love most, game design.

You can download the game in Google Play.