New Multiplayer Networking SDK to Build Multiplayer Games

Gamedonia multiplayer networking

Gamedonia Realtime is officially in beta! This makes Gamedonia the most complete backend platform to build video games. From now on, you can use Gamedonia to make networking communications for games in real-time.


Building Gamedonia's realtime multiplayer SDK for Unity

Try Realtime Now

Log in to your Gamedonia account to access the Dashboard. You’ll see we made some changes. Select Realtime from the menu next to the Gamedonia logo in the top-left corner. This will give you access to real-time in the FREE plan, so you can give it a try.

How to start

We help you get started in our documentation site. Learn how you can build multiplayer networking with Gamedonia Realtime in our manuals: basic concepts, operations & events, and usage flow. Our support team is here for any problem, question or suggestion you may have. Please use our support forum.


5 Minute integration

Ready to make realtime multiplayer games!

  1. Log in Gamedonia
  2. Access Realtime
  3. Import SDK


Happy gamedev,

Gamedonia Team