Scheduled Jobs: power live game operations

scheduled jobs tool

After a closed beta, Gamedonia team is super excited to be officially releasing the Scheduled Jobs tool for all developers using our platform.

We’re adding this new tool to the Dashboard carrying you a lot of extra power to make games. Endless server code possibilities, with more flexibility and even easier.

We present you the first version of Gamedonia’s automated server code execution tool.

But, what’s that?

Scheduled Jobs is ready for live game operations

Scheduled Jobs is the simplest way to schedule the execution of server code. Run it when you want, for as long as you need. It means you get absolute control over your scripts. We think it’s really cool!


Scheduled Jobs are scripts you can create directly in the Dashboard, or upload them as a .js file from your computer.

Simply choose the script you want automatically executed, and then select the scheduling options that work best for your goals.

  1. Choose the units
    • Minute(s)
    • Hour(s)
    • Day(s)
    • Week(s)
    • Month(s)
  2. Choose the period
    • Every 1 to 99 –Works in: minutes, hours, days–
    • Every Monday to Sunday –Works in: weeks–
    • Every Day 1 to 31 –Works in: months–
  3. Choose the time
    • At 00:00 to 23:00 –Works in: days, weeks, months–
  4. Choose the repetition
    • For ever
    • For 1 to 99 time(s) –Works in: minutes, hours, days, weeks, months–

Combining all these possibilities lets you run jobs how you want to cover all your needs. It’s another step forward to managing your live game operations in a simpler and more efficient way.


But, what if you need to edit scripts once they are up in Gamedonia? What about changing the schedule? And if you want to execute a script right now?—No problem! We figured you’d want all that.

Updating the settings of your Jobs is easy:

  • Edit script. Lets you modify the script code.
  • Edit schedule. Lets you adjust the schedule execution for the script.
  • Run now. Lets you execute the script right now.
  • Enable | Disable. Lets you stop the script execution or activating it again.


Just like that you’re running the latest script version at the most convenient schedule!

Try Scheduled Jobs Free

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