Swim Niyo – game release

swim niyo game

Yet another game release using Gamedonia. This week we’re covering Swim Niyo a little game made by a trio of developers from India. The team led by Muthusellapandi, publishes the game under the umbrella of the LivTek IT conglomerate. The developers relise that with the industy current state, the beautiful designs by Raj and Praveen are only the beginning of any project that seeks to be productive.


Swim Niyo’s Developers Big Concern

The main concern of the developers was the ability to effectively manage all the data users would generate non-stop with the use of the game and assuring a level of control for sensitive information that should always be kept private, such as passwords.

In Gamedonia, this issue is handled from the start, with a User collection of data that is automatically generated when you add a game to our platform. The structure of Gamedonia  gives developers the freedom to add all the information they need in the Profile part, such as id, nickname, Elo rating or profile pic. But maybe more importantly, it keeps sensitive information private in the Credentials part.


Screenshot of gameplay of Swim Niyo.

Another thing they wanted to get right was finding a way of integrating secure in-app purchases. In fact, this feature was their gateway into the Gamedonia backend platform. Besides, Muthusellapandi was interested in setting up part of the data for the game using Gamedonia database, a crucial decision that makes managing the main functions on the game very easy. For instance, encrypting all communications, or adding a verification process for the items bought via IAP that were previously organized in a catalogue collection for easy tracking.

The bottom line is that, using a live game operations like Gamedonia makes the management of the backend side of games easy, by giving developers the possibility to handle a scalable database, customizable user profiles, and many more.

Find out about all you can do with Gamedonia here.

And don’t forget to download Swim Niyo from Google Play to give it a spin!

swim niyo android
You can download the game in Google Play.