New stuff, upgrades, and incidents.

18 March, 2016

Unity Backend SDK – 1.22.0 – Update

  • Object browser Devices collection. With this new version of the Unity SDK, every device registered for push notifications will store extra information about the device. Each device stored at the Devices collection now comes with more detailed information, such as the manufacturer, the model, IMEI number, and many more.

3 March, 2016

Documentation – Tutorials – Update

  • [NEW] Code snippets. Because we know that getting started with a platform is the most difficult part, we’ve prepared some code snippets to help you. Get your footing, and learn a few basic things you’ll need to build your game with Gamedonia. Right now, we’re providing you with sample code for: user profile, data structure, rewards, and matchmaking.

1 March, 2016

Documentation – Guides – Update

  • [NEW] Bulk Operations. Bulk operations help you make large scale modifications in the database with little effort. Build custom lists of operations that are executed optimally by the database engine. Bulk operations are ran for a single collection of data. With our specific API and the platform’s server scripts, you can make three operation types: insert, update and delete entities.

26 February, 2016

Unity Backend SDK – 1.21.0 – Update

  • Compatible with Unity 5.3. Our SDK is now fully compatible with the latest version of Unity engine. Fixed a bug with the iOS build post-process that made the iOS build to fail if generated on Unity 5.3.

3 February, 2016

Unity Backend SDK – 1.20.0 – Update

  • Query master collections. Now you can query master collections without an active Gamedonia session. That means you can access important static objects you may need before asking the user to log in. Included methods are Get, Search and Count.

21 January, 2016

Gamedonia API – 1.46.1 – New feature

  • [NEW] The scripting API gets support for creating and updating entities with Javascript Dates. ( new Date();… )
  • [NEW] Now you can query using MongoDB date syntax using server code.
  • [NEW] API now supports Date type.

Debugger – – New feature

  • [NEW] Date type is now supported.

Unity Backend SDK – 1.19.0 – Update

  • [NEW] Date type is now supported.

Dashboard – 1.39.2 – Update

  • [NEW] Object Browser supports Date type. The object browser filter can search and sort by Date. Date fields can be added and updated directly from the Object Browser. Browsing a collection with the Object Browser now shows Dates as a type. Warning! All games created since version 1.39.2 of the Dashboard can use this new feature. Games created with previous Dashboard versions won’t be able to as of now.
  • [NEW] Object Browser accepts arrays. To add more utility, now you can create multiple entities at once by declaring an array of entities at the create object form.
  • [NEW] Object Browser allows object import. We added the possibility to import data objects from a CSV file you can upload directly from the object browser.
  • [NEW] Object browser Devices collection. When you create a game in Gamedonia, we will automatically generate a new collection for it to store all the relevant information regarding the devices that have been registered to receive Push notifications from Gamedonia. We’ll automatically assign an _id and gather deviceType, deviceId, timeZoneGMTOffset, and more so you can get interesting information of the users who opted in for push and make better decisions.
  • [NEW] IAP section. Added a quick-start guide that outline the steps you should be taking to implement in-app purchases in your games in Gamedonia.
  • Production now called Live. To clear up some confusion we’ve renamed “Production” environment to “Live” environment. Live is where you actually deploy all you’ve made in Development environment.
  • Esthetic and usability improvements. New responsive top menu, for smaller windows the top menu now collapses into a simpler view and remains usable. Some minor modifications in some sections of the Dashboard to improve usage.
  • Bug fix. Solved a bug that could happen when removing a hosting site.
  • Bug fix. Solved an issue with the Help (?) tab on Firefox.
  • Bug fix. The skip field of the Object Browser no longer gets filled with autocomplete data on load.

Documentation – Guides – Update

  • Clarified some parts of the Get Started guides and Tutorials.
  • Esthetic changes: styles, table of contents and search field.
  • Updated screenshots in Guides and Tutorials using the current visual style of the Dashboard.

23 December, 2015

Documentation – Tutorials – New

  • [NEW] Realtime Simple Movement. The tutorial for the sample for Unity that lets you join a room in using Gamedonia Realtime server is now public. You can use all operations and events described in our documentation. Find the sample and tutorial here.

Unity Backend SDK – 1.17.0 – Update

  • Silent login. Silent login now also works in the Unity Editor with Windows and Mac computers. Each device will receive its own unique device identifier.
  • Device ID. Gamedonia games now store the obtained Identifier in an external folder on Android and iOS devices. This means users won’t lose their login credentials and data when the game is uninstalled and re-installed again because the UDID will be remembered.

22 December, 2015

Backend Dashboard – 1.39.1 – Update

  • [NEW] Push Delivery Stats. The new push notifications Delivery Stats feature will help you monitor the messages sent from Gamedonia to the Apple Push Notification service (APNs) and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), who are the final distributors of the messages to the target devices you choose. Because the sending process to thousands of devices may take a few minutes we’ve included a button to Refresh the stats of the delivery.
  • Object browser interface rework. We wanted to simplify the process of updating, deleting, or creating new objects and pruned some steps that weren’t necessary. Now, when you choose a collection it gets automatically displayed with no filter applied. We’ve updated the About Object Browser tab in the lateral with a simple example to show how to filter with MongoDB queries.
  • UI and help text. We’ve introduced many small fixes to the user interface, updated a lot of texts to clarify their function, and added descriptions of use to all the pages in the Dashboard.

11 December, 2015

Unity Backend SDK – 1.15.5 – Update

  • Google sign in. Fixed a bug when opening the Google Sign in dialog in iOS.

3 December, 2015

Documentation – Manuals – New

  • [NEW] Realtime Chat. We’ve prepared a guide that describes the special operations and events to deal with user chat communication. Hope this new feature and guide helps you build a growing community of players. Find the guide here.

Documentation – Samples – New

  • [NEW] Realtime Operations & Events. We’ve prepared a sample for Unity that lets you join a room in using Gamedonia Realtime server. You can use all operations and events described in our documentation. Find the sample here.

26 November, 2015

Unity Backend SDK – 1.15.4 – Update

  • Backend and Realtime. We made the Backend SDK and the new Realtime SDK fully compatible. This means both SDKs can be imported into the same Unity project so you can build for Gamedonia Backend and Gamedonia Realtime from the same project.
  • IMPORTANT. Following this update, you will need to add some changes to your Unity project once you import this version of the SDK:
    • Add this code:
      using Gamedonia.Backend;

      to each class where you are using Gamedonia classes. This is a change needed after the release of our Realtime SDK, which you can import in the same project. The original Gamedonia SDK will be referred to as Gamedonia Backend, when in doubt.

    • Delete the file Gamedonia.cs located at Assets/Plugins/Gamedonia. It has been substituted by a file called GamedoniaBackend.cs. This will affect calls like Gamedonia.getLastError() or Gamedonia.isInternetConnectionAvailable().

25 November, 2015

Backend Dashboard – – Update

  • [NEW] Email credential password change. Now, you’re able to change the password of the users of your games that use email credential. Resetting the user email password comes in handy should the user have any problem accessing the game with this credential.
  • Custom Scripts coloring. Fixed a problem with the script syntax coloring.

17 November, 2015

Unity Realtime SDK – 1.0.0 – Release

  • [NEW] Unity Realtime SDK. It is officially in beta. Oh yes! Starting today, you’ll be able to build networking communications for your multiplayer games with Gamedonia. Realtime has now a section in the Dashboard, and is documented in our documentation site.

Dashboard – 1.39.0 – Update

  • [NEW] Realtime Dashboard. Access the Realtime Dashboard with your unique Gamedonia Account. You’ll be able to check your games Status, get API keys, download SDK, and check basic statistics in the Analytics page.

Documentation – Manuals – New

  • [NEW] Realtime Documentation. So learning how to use Gamedonia Realtime is as easy as possible, we’ve made documentation for it. You have a guide to Get started, Basic concepts, Operations & events, and a Usage flow tutorial. Coming soon is a tutorial with a sample.

6 November, 2015

Unity SDK – 1.15.2 – Fixes

  • IMPORTANT. UDID generation updated for iOS. Warning! This new UDID generation is NOT compatible with the old one, so all iOS devices with this new SDK will get a new UDID. This means you could lose data of UDID-only users, because they will get a different device identifier.
  • Android in-app purchases. Changed the handling of exceptions in the Android purchases plugin to avoid crashes under certain circumstances.
  • Facebook login. Fixed a bug in Facebook login under slow or unstable connections.
  • Other minor fixes.

27 October, 2015

Core – Database – New feature

  • [New] Database optimizer. Automatically tunes the ongoing processes in our DB to minimize the response time of queries and network traffic. First, the system analyzes game by game the DB use made by each one. With that data, the system is able to learn from that usage and finds the best way to optimize data access of your games. Areas improved: Processing queries and Index strategy.

20 October, 2015

Dashboard – 1.38.2 – Update

  • [New] Scheduled Jobs. We’re adding this new tool to the Dashboard carrying you a lot of extra power to make games. Endless server code possibilities, with more flexibility and even easier. We present you the first version of Gamedonia’s automated server code execution tool. Learn more >
  • [New] Billing and Cost Management. We’ve made managing your billing information very easy. Go to Billing and Cost Management in the top-right dashboard menu to see your bill history, fill or update your credit card details, and review or upgrade the conditions of your current plan in Gamedonia.

13 October, 2015

Dashboard – 1.38 – Update

  • [New] Look and feel. We changed the Dashboard theme to be able to introduce functional changes that are coming soon. Plus, now it’s more intuitive and easy to navigate.

Documentation – Guides – New feature

  • [New] Search bar. Learning how to use Gamedonia Backend is now easier and more convenient. Make a simple search and we’ll show everything you want to know so you can build better. From guides, tutorials and videos, to samples and code snippets.
  • [New] Look and feel. We changed the Documentation theme to be able to introduce functional changes that are coming soon. Plus, now it’s more intuitive and easy to navigate.

5 October, 2015

Unity SDK – 1.15.1 – Release

  • IMPORTANT: Before importing this SDK on a project with an older Gamedonia SDK, make sure you delete the res folder at /Assets/Plugins/Android.
  • Improvement on the purchase verification process.
  • Added a new method setNonConsumables() to GamedoniaStore to set products as non-consumable. All other products will be considered consumable and will be consumed at initialization if they are detected as purchased but not consumed.
  • Fixed a bug in the products request process.
  • Updated to Unity 5.2.
  • Fixed a threading bug when calling Gamedonia under Standalone platform.
  • Updated Google sign-in to iOS 9.0.
  • Updated the Google sign-in bundle for Android.

18 August, 2015

Kongregate – Guides – New

  • [New] Kongregate purchases. Now you can add purchases to the games you develop with our ActionScript Web SDK for the Kongregate web platform. Read it here.

31 July, 2015

Unity SDK – 1.14.2 – Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Android purchases that could happen when purchasing Android test products.

30 July, 2015

Server Code Debugger – – Fixes

  • Improved improved visibility of values at the Variables tab.
  • Console logs are less cluttered and cleaner.
  • Fixed an error when stopping and launching the Debugger.
  • Various minor fixes.

Documentation – Guides – Fixes

  • Server Code. Adapted the Debugger section to reflect the recent fixes made to the Debugger build
  • Facebook. Added request with parameters example that shows how to do a request to the Facebook Graph API with parameters.

28 July, 2015

Unity SDK – 1.14.1 – New feature

  • [New] Google sign in. Added Google sign in authentication for iOS and Android devices. On iOS, it is supported for iOS 7 and superior versions.

Gamedonia API – 1.40 – New feature

  • [New] Changes to the API now allow the calls to perform Google sign.

13 July, 2015

Dashboard – 1.37 – Update

  • Game Information, easier editing game info. We’ve added edit capabilities to the information of your game. You now can change the Name, Icon, and Platform you’re developing the game for.
  • Game Status, new home page for current game. Whenever you log into the Dashboard, you’ll land at Game Status for the current game you’re developing. Here you’ll see all you’ve created to build backend for the game and how you’re progressing with it. Future versions of Game Status will add relevant information so it is easier to know in what point the development of your game is.

25 June, 2015

Unity SDK – 1.13.3 – Fixes

  • Fixed an error in Facebook Login when using IL2CPP as Scripting Backend for the iOS build process.

11 June, 2015

Unity SDK – 1.13.2 – Fixes

  • Fixed an error in the Download Manager when using Standalone as Platform.

27 May, 2015

Unity SDK – 1.13.1 – Fixes

  • Fixed an error on the push notifications registration process for Android.

25 May, 2015

Dashboard – 1.36.4 – Update

  • [New] Your new home page in the Dashboard is ‘My Games’ page. You can access the page from the account menu (top). Besides showing all the games you’ve created in Gamedonia, it presents you with a stats overview of DAU, MAU and API calls for each of your games. Plus, you can see the total MAU count you’ve reached during the current month in the top right corner of the screen.
  • [New] ‘Add Game’ process and easier SDK integration. Adding your games to Gamedonia to develop the backend has never been so easy. We’ve introduced a quick start tutorial that will guide you through all the easy steps to integrate games with our SDKs.

ActionScript SDK – 1.4.0 – New SDK

  • [New] The first public version of the ActionScript GamedoniaSDK is now available for download. You’ll find it in the left menu section Download SDK in Gamedonia Dashboard. Get it, and build games! :-)

ActionScript – Guides – Update

  • Updated the Get Started guide to go hand in hand with the release of the first public version of the ActionScript SDK.
  • Updated the Push Notifications guide to match the first public version of the ActionScript SDK.
  • Updated the In-App Purchases guide to work with first public ActionScript SDK.

ActionScript – Samples – New

  • [New] Simple Login. How to make a user login in Facebook or in silent mode.
  • [New] Simple Push. How to send push from the composer or server-side.
  • [New] Simple Purchase. How to configure and set up In App Purchases.

Unity – Samples – Update

  • Now all Unity samples (login, push, purchase) contain Gamedonia Unity SDK in the same package. We hope the samples are now even more convenient to use.

iOS – Samples – Update

  • Now all iOS samples (login, push, purchase) contain Gamedonia iOS SDK in the same package. We hope the samples are now even more convenient to use.

21 May, 2015

Unity SDK – 1.13.0 – New feature

  • New version of the Android plugin for Unity 5. Fixed handling of push notifications when app is in background mode. IMPORTANT: The AndroidManifest.xml has been modified and will be replaced with a new one. Check the Release notes of the new SDK for more information.

4 May, 2015

iOS SDK – 1.2.1 – Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when running on iPhone 5 and newer devices.

30 April, 2015

Unity SDK – 1.12.9. – Fixes

  • Upgraded the SDK to Unity 5.
  • Added debug traces that give more feedback on the Gamedonia SDK initialization and Facebook integration in Editor mode. Props to Mads Laumann for the feedback!
  • Fixed an issue with Unity 5 that caused the iOS build to fail.

Dashboard – 1.36.3 – Fixes

  • Added options to the account menu to get better service: Notifications | Resources | Account
  • New quick Help & Support to move your game development forward faster: New discussion | Knowledge base

13 April, 2015

  • User Profile Manager. New login credentials. We’ve added login credentials for Twitter and Game Center.
  • Documentation. New Content. Users Guide now documents how to do a login with Twitter and Game Center.

10 April, 2015

Dashboard – 1.36.2 – Fixes

  • New Help. Added a tab that will help you understand how every screen on the dashboard works, and what you can do in it.

8 April, 2015

Dashboard – 1.36. – New version

  • Added a drop-down list in the game information page to choose the current development platform.

7 April, 2015

Added three new iOS Samples. Available to download or on GitHub. Take a look at the Samples section in the Documentation.

31 March, 2015

Unity SDK – 1.12.7. – Fixes

  • Minor fix in the Delete method for entities. Improved control of the session token when deleting.

Dashboard – 1.35. – New version

  • A lot of minor fixes to enhance productivity.

25 March, 2015

Unity SDK – 1.12.6. – Fixes

  • Minor fixes.

17 March, 2015

  • New Server Code Debugger. Version 1.0.
  • New Docs for Server Code Debugger
  • Dashboard – 1.34 – New version
  • New Tutorials published in Documentation
  • Unity SDK – 1.12.5. – Fixes
    • Minor fixes.

31 January, 2015

  • Added direct links to the Docs from the Dashboard to improve usability.
  • Dashboard – 1.33. – New version

13 January, 2015

  • Dashboard Object browser minor fixes.

9 January, 2014

  • Gamedonia API fixes to improve performance.

4 November, 2014

  • Cocos2d-x SDK. The NEW version 1.3. Cocos2d-x gets an SDK published for the first time.

30 October, 2014

  • Unity3D SDK. Updated to version 1.12.
  • Solved a bug in the Clear Badge OnActivate functionality for Push Notifications. Now works as expected.
  • Added support for customizing the remote notification types allowed from the Gamedonia Push Notifications Script.

27 October, 2014

  • Unity3D SDK. Updated to version 1.11.2.
  • Solved compilation problem when exporting for Unity Web Player.

24 October, 2014

  • Unity3D SDK. Updated to version 1.11.1.
  • Minor bug fixes.

21 October, 2014

      • Unity3D SDK. Updated to version 1.11 IMPORTANT for developers using previous versions of the SDK! Read carefully.
      • Added Gamedonia Facebook support for iOS, Android. The documentation is being updated to add the new Social features point.
      • Fixed Unity issue with RegisterForRemoteNotifications under iOS 8. We have implemented a workaround waiting for Unity to solve the problem.
      • New packaging. The plugins integration process is not going to popup each integration anymore now the process is silent.
      • New packaging. Android plugins now are packaged under a single jar file. Previous Gamedonia jar plugins should be removed as they will collide with the new jar. Remove (gamedonia-common.jar, gamedonia-inapppurchase.jar, gamedonia-pushnotifications.jar, gamedonia-utilities.jar, openudid.jar, android-vending-billing.jar).
      • New packaging. Gamedonia prefab now only includes the main Gamedonia script as all the other scripts are optional. If you are using other services (Push Notifications, Purchases, Files, etc.) remember to add them.
      • Fixed a bug that was breaking the Gamedonia compilation post process with projects that included white spaces in their path.
      • Fixed compilation issues for PC, Mac & Windows.
      • Improved push icon detection on Android. Now if a custom icon for push is not provided the default app icon will be used.
      • Minor bug fixes.

10 October, 2014

      • Unity3D SDK. Updated to 1.8.4 version. Added push notification compatibility for iOS 8, and minor fixes. Xcode 6 version is now required.

2 October, 2014

      • Unity3D SDK. Updated to 1.8.1 version, minor fixes in push notifications, and improved Android API compatibility.

25 September, 2014

      • User API docs. Updated with changePassword, resetPassword, restorePassword, search, count, Silent Login, User account linkage.
      • Data API docs. Updated with count.
      • Downloadable Content docs. NEW documentation added.

22 September, 2014

      • Unity3D SDK.The NEW 1.8 version, now with DLC functionality integrated.

15 August, 2014

      • Scheduled downtime to perform database cluster updates.

8 August, 2014

      • Scheduled downtime to perform hardware upgrades.

24 July, 2014

      • Dashboard. Add a settings menu item where to set a Kongregate API-Key to validate a Kongregate login.

21 July, 2014

      • API-Server. Add support for Kongregate user creation and login.
      • API-Server. Add support for linking a kong user with a Gamedonia user account.

1 July, 2014

      • Unity3D docs. In-app purchases.
      • Unity3D docs. Data storage.
      • Unity3D docs. In-game chat.
      • Unity3D docs. Elo matchmaking.
      • Unity3D docs. Turn-based game.
      • Unity3D docs. Login & Facebook login.

30 June, 2014

      • ActionScript Web. NEW! SDK.
      • ActionScript Web. Integration with Facebook canvas.
      • ActionScript Web. Integration with Kongregate.
      • ActionScript Web. In-app purchases using Facebook and Kongregate currency API.
      • ActionScript Web. NEW! Sample application to show the usage with Kongregate and Facebook.

26 June, 2014

      • ActionScript Mobile. Add RestorePurchases function to restore the previously purchased items on iOS.
      • ActionScript Mobile. NEW! Sample project to show the usage on ActionScript.

June 18, 2014

      • Unity3D SDK. Fixed UTF-8 Encoding problem on server communication.
      • Unity3D SDK. Bug fix incompatibility on Android and iOS when using Prime31 libraries.
      • Unity3D SDK. Add LinkUser function to link a user in Gamedonia to a Facebook/Twitter/… accounts.

May 5, 2014

      • Cocos2d-x SDK. Integrated in-app purchases for Android and iOS.
      • Cocos2d-x SDK. Some bug fixes and memory leaks solved.
      • Cocos2d-x SDK. NEW! Login Sample with account creation and restore password functionality.

March 12, 2014

      • New Push Notifications options.
      • We have added new Composer that will allow you to prepare visually your push notifications and send them from the dashboard.
      • Push notifications segmentation. Now you can segment you application users to send customised push notifications to them.
      • Minor fixes.

March 3, 2014

      • User browser update.
      • iOS SDK update.
      • iOS Sample now available.

February 10, 2014

      • Script editing upgrades in the Dashboard.

October 24, 2013

      • Downloadable Content – DLC – now available from the dashboard. Served from CDN for fast downloading. Allows files up to 500MB.
      • Download manager for iOS SDK.
      • Push notifications composer available.
      • Now you can specify the entity ACLs from server code.
      • Fixed: object browser in dashboard.
      • Fixed: some data structure didn’t display correctly.

March 5, 2013

      • Updated the documentation site. Fixed some broken links and reorganised the guides.
      • Uploaded version 1.2 of the Unity 3D Gamedonia SDK. Includes In App purchases functionality for iOS. Native Alert dialogs for iOS and Android.
      • A lot of changes to prepare the next big release. Push notifications composer coming soon.

February 22, 2013

      • Push notifications setup settings, have been moved to the Push Notifications menu group.
      • Uploaded a new release of the iOS SDK. Now supports Gamedonia push notifications.
      • Minor bug fixes in the object browser that caused some complex entities couldn’t be correctly updated.

January 22, 2013

      • Create custom scripts from the dashboard. You can create new scripts directly from the dashboard, no need to upload it from your desktop.
      • New inline editing for custom scripts. Edit your scripts directly from the dashboard, just click on the EDIT button on the right side of the script.
      • Push Notification for iOs Devices. You can manage your push notifications from the dashboard. Upload your certificates to the game information section and send them from the custom scripts. Review our Dev Center to find more information.
      • New theme for the whole website. We have been re-branding our site to have a cleaner look, one of the main improvements is in the Dev Center where now it’s easier to find the information. We are still uploading all guides and contents but check it every week to see how we advance.
      • New pricing model. Thank you all for the feedback! After reviewing all your feedback we decided to change the pricing model to fit your needs better. Now is based on monthly active users, see it here. Hope you feel more comfortable with this new model.

December 19, 2012

      • New Log browser for your custom server code. Under the server code menu you have this new option, that allows you to debug with logs your custom server logic. You can filter the logs by the most relevant attributes (date, module, trigger, level…).
      • Performance improvements in the processing of the server code scripts.

December 12, 2012

      • New Server Code feature. Now you can create your custom backend logic to be run on Gamedonia. We have chosen Javascript as the language for the backend scripts. Now is very easy perform extra validation operations or execute chained logic after an entity has been created. More details can be found here.
      • Updated the Deployment feature to allow working with the new server code scripts.
      • Improved the API general performance. We have done great improvements in our non thread blocking solution that  proved to speed up the api response times :) . We’ll keep working in that point never is too much!.
      • Fixed issue with merge / override entity updated. Under some situations was failing to chose the right option between merge or override.
      • Updated the Gamedonia Blog. We have done a restyling!.

November 22, 2012

      • New Analytics option under Game Management section. Daily Active Users, Total Users and Api Calls usage analytics updated daily (24 delay).
      • Master collections. Now you can define a collection as master. A master collection is a read only one collection whose data is replicated to the production environment during the deployment process.
      • Fixed the merge functionality of the update user end point that caused to lose some data.

November 16, 2012

      • Published the first release of the documentation site. It includes an overview of the Gamedonia Service, a Developer’s Guide for the iOS platform and detailed documentation about the core REST API.
      • Fixed theme issue that caused that the browser scrollbar was being shown when unnecessary. The fix is only applied to the docs site. Very soon will be applied to the Dashboard.

November 12, 2012

      • Published iOS GamedoniaSDK (v1.0). Download it from the Download SDK option on the main main of the Dashboard.
      • Fixed DataAPI return content type for create and update entity endpoints, that where returning plain text instead of application/json.

November 6, 2012

      • Fixed DataAPI service for updating (merge/overwrite) entities.
      • Uploaded a new release of the Unity SDK 1.1 that fixes an issue with the user profile when the profile is a complex structure.

November 5, 2012

    • Added new Deployment option under Game Management to put your game on production. Now you can follow the deployment history of your game, compare your current settings with previous deployment packages and apply changes from the packages to your configuration selectively.
    • Fixed the User API update methods that had problems when overriding data and updating existing one.
    • Added new User API function for searching users.
    • Added new Download SDK option under Game Management.
    • Added new login method through stored session token in the client device.
    • Reorganized the Object Browser screen to allow resizing the screen without problems.
    • Updated the Gamedonia SDK to fix some minor bugs and to implement the new call for searching users.

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