Frequently Asked Questions


How does Game State Management work?

Gamedonia updates all user gameplay information and keeps track of it in the cloud. You can use this information to notify the players and react faster to their behavior inside the game.

How do I create a PvP Turn-Based game?

Create a game based in turns using the multiplayer feature. Create data collections, combine them with push notifications and a pulling system, and you’re ready to go! Ask for a sample.

What are the In-App Purchases like?

Integrated with Google Play and the App Store. This feature lets you track every single transaction. IAP are created by using the data storage module we provide.

Is Gamedonia truly Multiplatform?

Gamedonia allows you to develop once, and port to all the platforms we support afterwards. There’s no need for you to develop the game twice or to worry about complex code tasks anymore.

Is a Real Multiplayer Server available?

Not currently. We wouldn’t like to offer you a half-baked solution.

How easy is to integrate an In-game Chat?

There are several ways of integrating a chat in your game. The most common one is to implement a chat room with basic mechanisms Gamedonia has already built-in. There’s no need for you to prepare a database for it.

What kind of Push Notifications can I send?

Push notifications can be sent in two ways: from the server side or from the composer. Create better marketing campaigns that engage more with your users.


What database engine does Gamedonia use?

Our database is based on a NoSQL engine.

Does my game have its own sandbox?

Every game has one to avoid any data problems and to ensure both its security and the protection of the information inside the servers.

What environments will I have access to?

You have two environments: Development Environment and Production Environment.

What is the Development Environment?

You use it during development. You have unlimited access to every feature which you can use at your leisure. We think it’s important for the developer to preserve the freedom within the project.

What is the Production Environment?

You use it during production. It’ where you make games go live in just a matter of 2 seconds. You can wait to launch the game, roll it back anytime you need, or make changes to it whenever you want.

How many games can I have in my account?

As many as you want! We set no limit of games you can have either in Development or Production environments.

Do you support PC, Mac or Linux platforms?

We currently support mobile and web browser computer games.


Is my data protected?

Indeed! Every project is developed in its own sandbox. Gamedonia complies with three security protocols: Spanish, European and American. Because you are the only owner of your data, you’re free to export it anytime you want.
Gamedonia won’t use any data of any game. No information is shared neither with other external entities nor used internally.

Is my data safe from fraudulent actions?

You bet! All the communications in the platform are SSL, protected by 256 bit encryption, the requests are signed and non-repeatable. This is true for both Post and Get requests to avoid man-in-the-middle and inside the device fraud.


Can I use the platform for free?
Yes you can! For as long as your game is in the Development Environment, the service is completely free of charge. Not only that, after deploying your game to the Production Environment the first 10.000 MAUs are free.
What does my plan include?

Regardless of whether you are in Free, Indie, Studio or Custom, you have free unlimited access to all SDKs, Dashboard options and Features during all the development time.

How does the MAU based pricing work exactly?
Our pricing is based on packages of 1.000 MAU. The first 10.000 MAU are free. Following 1.000 MAU packages come at 13€ each. Packages are from (n).001 to (n+1).000 MAU, and each one comes at 13€. Approximately, a single MAU comes at 0,013€.
When will I have to provide credit card details?

Gamedonia will only ask for your credit card details when you’re ready to deploy your game into the Production Environment.

When will my credit card be charged?

Nothing will be charged to your credit card until you exceed 1.000 MAUs. When you get to 1.001 or more MAUs, your credit card will be charged monthly in accordance to your MAU volume.



What does MAU mean?

Monthly Active Users. In plural. One monthly active user is: an individual user who logs in at least one time in any single month.

If a user logs in 1.000 times, does it count as 1.000 MAU?

No, this would count as just one monthly active user.

It doesn’t matter how many times she logs in, how many times she logs out, or the method she uses. Email, Silent, Facebook, Twitter, Game Center, or Kongregate. She could even play from different devices, across platforms, or whatnot!

During any month, a user is either not active –or– is active. Zero or One. Binary.

How does Gamedonia count MAU?

At the end of each month, Gamedonia counts how many unique users have logged in to your game at least one time.

During any month, a user is either not active –or– is active. Zero or One. Binary.

If a user logs in with Twitter, Game Center, and Silent, does it count as 3 MAU?

It is up to your game design. You decide.

In most circumstances, you may want to link different log in methods into one user (one MAU). This way, when the user plays and regardless of log in method, all game related information would be consistent across platforms. In this case, game state would be synchronized.

In rare occasions, you may want each log in method to generate several users (several MAU). This way, when the user plays and depending on what log in method he used, he will play using all game related information for that method. In this case, every method would have its own game state.

MAU vs DAU pricing system

What are the differences between MAU and DAU based pricings?

Both models count total users monthly, but they aggregate them differently.
In a DAU system, costs depend on the player frequency within a month. Users are aggregated day to day, making the prediction of costs difficult to calculate.

MAU systems aggregate users month to month, regardless of how many times a person logs into the game within a month.

Whereas in DAU, a person who logs in 5 times within a month will be counted as 5 users, the same person in MAU system will be counted as 1 user.

MAU counts people where DAU counts sessions.

Downloadable Content

What kind of files can I use for my content?

It is possible to upload any type of files into our CDN (Content Delivery network). Upload .jpg, .mov, .zip, .rar, .assets, .your-extension. You name it!

How safe is using downloadable content?

Very much! All files have a unique identifier. A temporary download URL is created by the SDK for that specific request which remains active for 30 minutes to avoid any unwanted accesses.

From where is this DLC actually downloaded?

Files are downloaded from the closest server of the network of distributed servers Gamedonia has.

What are the possibilities DLC offer game design?

It can be used in many different ways. DLC can be integrated with the in-app purchases to grant access to premium content. Or you could use it to either reduce the .ipa or .apk size, or to add new levels to your game.


How will I be able to increase player engagement?
We offer you many tools that have proven useful to reduce the churn rate of players.
Easily implement features such as PvP mode ⎯to foster competition⎯ social network integration ⎯so players can spread the voice among friends⎯ in-game chat ⎯to allow community interaction.
How will I be able to increase player monetization?

We empower you with in-app purchases that are quick to set up so you can offer customised items and add value to the gameplay.

Will I be able to make marketing campaigns in my game?

You have access to the Push notification module that lets you plan marketing campaigns and communicate directly with users. It’s a hands-on visual tool to finesse content and preview the messages across devices.