Dot and Box Party

Innedit Studios.

Innedit has recreated the classic game where players take turns joining two adjacent dots by a line seeking to close square boxes to conquer land. Every box you conquer is identified with your color, red or blue, now with a sleek design full of beautiful sounds and animations.

It has series of 10 power-ups that add an extra layer of strategy to the game making every match a new experience. Some power-ups let you destroy enemy boxes or swap their color, others multiply the score of a play. Classic power-ups are also available, you can get extra moves or auto-conquer boxes gaining advantage over your opponent.

How they did it?

Innedit Studios fast-tracked the implementation of the multiplayer turn-based nature of the game using Gamedonia. Rekindle old showdowns with your high-school friends and challenge them via Facebook. You can also train your skills playing versus the computer before you try your luck in a match against a random online opponent.


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