Heroes Empire

Frozen Shard

Heroes Empire: TCG is a free-to-play collectible card game. Forge your own empire with the help of the greatest historical and mythological heroes!

  • Recruit Mythological & Historical Heroes to lead your army: King Arthur, Alexander the Great, Spartacus, Leonidas, Hercules, Achilles and many more!
  • Claim your own Castle, gather resources and unlock unique rewards!
  • Build your army with famous historical units from multiple civilizations: Greek, Romans, Aztecs, Vikings, Ancient Japan & China and more!
  • Join other players in powerful Alliances and battle each other to claim the top of the ranks!
  • Fight through a never ending campaign, constantly updated and with awesome rewards!
  • Take part in famous themed Adventures, battle in the glorious Roman Colosseum or visit the mysterious island of Avalon.


Frozen Shard



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