The Ludo turn-based game to play with family and friends, available in all mobile devices wherever the players are. Ludo is one of those classics everybody has played and represents the third game by the young studio Divertap.

Start multiplayer games with players from around the world or challenge your friends. It doesn’t matter if they’re on an Android or an iOS device, because the game was built with cross-platform in mind.

Players will be able to create lists of friends —from Facebook or directly by email— and add them to new games. Plus, they can choose to play with one or two dice to make things spicier.

Because Ludo is a socialization game at heart, Divertap added an in-game chat so users can text with their pals or family, or even trash talk them, like “I’m gonna beat y’all!”.

  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Invite and challenge your Facebook friends
  • Earn coins to buy new boards and skills


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