Sudoku Challenge With friends


Sudoku Challenge! Fast, fun and you now you can play it with your friends!

Sudoku is a puzzle game that you can usually enjoy on your own but now with a Turn based multiplayer challenge. Simply you need to solve the Sudoku puzzles fast enough to beat your friends or they will beat you to it.
Sudoku Challenge with Friends has two modes of playing single player mode with Three difficulty levels or Turn Based Challenge your Friends Mode with Challenge your Friends Mode or Challenge a Random Buddy.

The rules of Sudoku are very easy: you have a board with the size 9х9 and you need to fill empty boxes with the figures in such a way that each line, each column and each 3х3 block contained all figures from 1 to 9.

  • Endless Sudoku grids to tease your brain with numbers!
  • Leaderboard to track of your progress and performance compared to other players.
  • 3 difficulty levels with 2 modes.
  • Hints and number check Help Option

You decide whether you want to just go for a Solo round or dominate your friends and become the ultimate Sudoku Master.






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