Frozen Shard

After a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their first internal production, the development of World War 2: TCG began right away. The game is a free to play trading card game based on the World War II. In the campaign, the player will take the role of a soldier whose squadron just got wiped out. Throughout the campaigns the player will gather his own army and take part in the most epic battles and military campaigns that took place in World War II. Besides the single player campaign, the game features a competitive system against other players via the PvP module.

There are 4 different game modes available in the Single Player Campaign, those are: Search & Destroy, Survival, Capture and Sabotage.

How they did it?

A game with high expectations could be supporting thousands of downloads very quickly, which was the main reason why the CEO looked for support in the management of the backend and the scalability of servers.

Starting to work with Gamedonia, they found other advantages, such as the integration of the Player vs Player mode, which they incorporated in just two days. They also used the Cross-platform feature to make the game available across all mobile devices.


Frozen Shard





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