Find the perfect plan for your realtime games.

Gamedonia Realtime has plans that adapt to any kind of game you want to do. Whether your game has hundreds of CCU or just a handful of them you’ll find a plan that suits your needs.


Our pricing is based on Concurrent Users (CCU). All Gamedonia solutions are included whether you have zero or thousands of users.


The time you spend building in Gamedonia is free from charge. Adjust, set the basis for monetization and grow your game from there. The Studio and Enterprise plans expand the features of the Basic plan and gets you our personalized support.

Choose your plan

20 CCU*
500 msg/s per room
  • CCU burst not included
  • No extensions
100 CCU*
500 msg/s per room
  • CCU burst is included
  • No extensions
for each 1.000 CCU*
1.000 msg/s per room
  • CCU burst is included
  • Extensions included
*What counts as Concurrent Users (CCU)? Users connected simultaneously to your game at any point in time.

Pricing plans detail

Basic Studio Enterprise
Rooms No limit No limit No limit
Msg/s per room 500 500 1.000
CCU 20 100 1.000 CCU Package expansion
CCU burst Hard limit Soft limit Soft limit
Cloud hosted N N N
Matchmaking N N N
Chat N N N
Room access control N N N
Support Forum Forum, email Forum, email, Skype, phone
Kick-off session N N
Extensions to customize rooms N
Custom extension development N

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pricing plans 'by account' or 'by game'?

Plans of Gamedonia Realtime are by game. We understand that every game has different requirements, so you can choose which plan works best for it. This means you can have games with the Basic plan, games with the Studio plan, and games with the Enterprise plan; all games under the same Gamedonia account.

What does my plan include?

Regardless of your plan, you have access to Gamedonia Realtime SDK, matchmaking, chat, room access control and TCP/UDP communication protocols. Access to extensions to customize rooms, CCU limit and msg/s per room vary according to your plan.

Can I use the platform for free?

Yes you can! The service is completely free of charge as long as you are under the Basic plan tier.

What are CCU?

Concurrent users. It is the number of users able to connect simultaneously to your game at any point in time.

What is CCU Burst?

If your plan includes CCU Burst, it means you can exceed the CCU limit established by your plan without worrying about losing users because of a cap. After 48 hours exceeding the limit, your game will be capped at your plan CCU limit.

What are extensions to customize rooms?

Extensions give you the possibility to add new functions to the rooms via custom logic, so you can design exactly what your game needs.

What does Hard and Soft limit mean?

A Hard limit will cap your CCU according to your plan limit at all times, so you won’t be able to exceed it under no circumstances. To remove the Hard cap, you have to upgrade to a higher plan.

A Soft limit gives you the opportunity to CCU Burst, so you can exceed the CCU limit for a limited 48 hours so you can decide on upgrading your plan, or getting extra packages of CCU if you’re in the Enterprise plan.

When will I have to provide credit card details?
Gamedonia will only ask for your credit card details when you’re ready to upgrade your Basic plan to a Studio or Enterprise plan. This means you can develop with the basic tier, which is free, and when your game is ready you can upgrade your plan.
When will my credit card be charged?
Nothing will be charged to your credit card until you exceed 10.000 MAUs. When you get to 10.001 or more MAUs, your credit card will be charged monthly in accordance to your MAU volume.
When can I leave the platform?
You can leave the platform or export your data anytime you want or you can use it for testing if you prefer so.
What if I surpass the conditions of my plans, will I be capped?

You will receive a notification, along with the possibility of upgrading your plan. After 48 hours your game will be capped according to their consumptions tiers.

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