Realtime Uses

Start hosting multiplayer Realtime games in the cloud.

We built an efficient data transfer network so you can launch games faster, saving time and money from coding infrastructure.

Most big companies in the industry rely on a low latency solution in order to deliver a great synchronous experience to their users. We think realtime multiplayer technology should be within reach of studios of all sizes.

We bring Gamedonia Realtime so you can forget about infrastructure and simply focus in the game.

use_action_w Optimize network communications

Design the fast paced games you want with Gamedonia. Synchronous play in hack’n’slash or fighter games require precision and quick networking to deliver a smooth and fair game play. Make use of the binary communication TCP protocol, which controls data flow and guarantees delivery and order of messages sent for maximum reliability.

  • Hack and slash
  • Fighters

Thanks to the light message header we implement, it is possible to obtain a low overhead solution, meaning that bandwidth consumption is kept low. This results in a more efficient packet processing that lets you reduce latency and bolster the multiplayer experience.

use_action_w Reliable room based play

Create great room based games supported by Gamedonia event driven communications. Thanks to this approach, developers have efficient and reliable messaging solution that’s ideal for poker or racing multiplayer games. We help you code what your game needs with our built-in operations and events.

  • Poker
  • Racing

Operations are sent from the clients to the server, which will respond in form of events so it’s easier to manage the interaction of the players with your game and act accordingly. With operations, create and modify the variables of users and rooms with the privacy settings you want thanks to the synchronization mode.

use_action_w Host gameplay worldwide

Allow simultaneous competition across the globe. Our cloud provides card battles and simulation games high availability and automatic scalability regardless of the amount of users connected.

  • Card battles
  • Simulation

Our distributed network of servers provides a turnkey client-server communication so your team won’t have to build and maintain the infrastructure required for multiplayer games. Simply focus on game design knowing your games are safely hosted thanks to Gamedonia’s redundancy. Uninterrupted play is ensured by network design with failover to another server so users will get a solid game experience.

Development Roadmap for Gamedonia Realtime

Cloud architecture Room-based games Event driven communications Room and user variables TCP binary communications Light packet headerMatchmaking API Integrated chat UDP communications Authoritative servers Custom server code Unity instances R-UDP communications


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