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Solve Invalid Product IDs

You did everything you were supposed to and still getting Invalid Product IDs? Maybe you missed something trivial.

What Makes People Buy DLC

A study by Helsinki HIIT shows one of the most effective ways to retain players is feeding them new content. These are 10 Tips to improve player retention.

Holiday Push Notification Campaign

Every day it’s a holiday somewhere in the world. This calendar will help you re-engage players using push notifications.


10 Benefits of a Specialized Backend Platform for Games

It doesn’t matter how much prior experience your team has, backend is hard. BaaS makes building games at a professional level affordable.


BaaS Costs and Savings

Ever wondered how much money you could save if you used a backend platform? Find out where you’d save in the core and feature development.

Whitepapers & Datasheets

Gamedonia in a snapshot

We add backend modules that offer online games better design solutions. Run games in the cloud, we do all the setup and maintenance.

Gamedonia Advantages & Differences

Advanced gaming features and expertise. High security communications to protect your users and your data.

Gamedonia the full picture

Learn how we built the platform to help you launch engaging games, faster. With our modular concept and solutions you won’t have to worry about common issues.

Which games use BaaS?

See what other developers did with the help of Gamedonia backend platform. Imagine everything you could do with all this power.

Gamedonia Security, like banks

Your communications, data and purchases are always protected. Develop in your private sandbox, no DB sharing.

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